Some Quick Tips For Marketing Your Landscape Photography For Sale Best Home Based Business

Published: 26th May 2010
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There many websites on the Internet that offer landscape photography for sale. For an amateur photographer these sites are a fabulous way to create a residual income doing what they love. There is a tremendous demand for photos and images by both land-based businesses, website owners, and web designers.

Selling photography on the Internet and creating a residual income can be very easy if you take a few important steps in choosing your subjects and marketing your photography. Many people do not treat their photography as a business and may not consider the steps that they need to take to create the kind of dynamic growth that is possible by taking advantage of the opportunities that their hobby offers.

Photos that are sold must be crisp, clear, and be taken with a composition in mind. It is easy to tell when a photo has been planned and when it has been snapped from the window of a car. Creating a photo that is in a high resolution format and does not contain logo or copyrighted materials is also important to the marketability of the photo. If there are any people in the photo, it is important to get a model release form signed. This is important even if the person is not clearly visible in the photo.

The photo that will have the widest market will be one that creates a strong emotional connection to the place that you have photographed. Setting the mood of the photo by focusing on lighting and using colors and tones that may be unique can be an excellent way to create a stunning landscape photograph. Practicing photography and experimenting with different angles, exposures, and digital functions will help you to develop the kind of skills that will widen the market for your photos.

One way to find a broad market for your photos is to look on the micro-stock sites and see what types of landscapes are currently clogging their galleries. There will be thousands of photos in these galleries. Your photos will need to be a little different, reach a special niche of people who are looking for specific types of landscapes. Moving into a business mindset after you have begun gathering your photos will be the most important step for implementing your business plan.

When you are posting your photos for sale, the micro stock website receives a percentage of each sale. Some of the websites allow you to load as many photos as you want, while others only allow ten to fifteen photos per month. You will have a choice of working exclusively with one micro-stock website or posting non-exclusively. If you work non-exclusively, you can post the same photo to several stock sites and get more visibility for your photograph.

There are thousands of photos for sale on the micro-stock sites, but if your photos are treated as part of your business you will be able to build your income using some very basic Internet marketing strategies. The steps are very easy and you will only need to remember to take these steps when you load your photos.

Use relevant keywords as tags for your photo. Your form should contain the name of the photo and/or nicknames for the scene. Include the town, county, road, location, and identifying information of the photo's location. If the location is marked on a map or Wiki-map, your customers will be able to visualize the location which is a great marketing technique. By using these simple methods and clearly identifying any galleries you create, can begin building a residual income easily and will have a continual income stream indefinitely.

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